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Seven (7) Safety Tips for Travelling Alone

Posted on 02 April 2018 by admin (0)

this is an image of a man travelling alone

There are a lot of reason why people love to travel solo. Some wanted to challenge themselves and want to explore the world alone. Others want to experience something that they don’t get to experience at home. Others want to forget something or someone from their past by wandering and meeting new individuals and places that would help them cope emotionally. And others want to learn new things by exploring the unknown. New culture, language, lifestyle, weather and the like.

Truly, traveling alone is indescribably thrilling and exciting. But, we cannot deny the fact that traveling by yourself amount to certain risks.

So, in this article, we’ll give you seven (7) safety tips for traveling alone. This would help get most out of your travel and save you from future regrets.

1. Before you travel, you should get to know the place that you want to visit first.

Isn’t it better if you have ample knowledge about your destination? Example, what are those particular areas that are prone to criminality? If you know headway, you will have the chance to avoid it!

Where is the nearest airport? Or police stations? In case something bad happens, at least you’ll know where to run to. Also, it is wise to search for the important details regarding the establishments that you will have to visit. Like the hotels, or transportation facilities.

2. Avoid carrying a LOT of things with you. (Especially if these things are expensive and not that needed in your travel). One of these things is your jewelry. You can’t walk around public places wearing these enticing gems with you! Remember, you don’t have to give those opportunistic robbers to draw attention to you and rob you! What, with those jewels and all?! Big NO, NO.

You can just wear simple and classy clothes in order to blend in. if it’s possible, leave your valuable and not needed stuff at home before you travel.

3, Make sure that you placed your valuable things securely inside your bag.

Examples are your phones, other gadgets, cameras, money, credit cards, passports, and the like. See to it that these should never be out of your sight. If you chose to bring one backpack while you roam around the place, wear it in front of you where you could clutch it easily. It is to avoid unobserved snatching of your things in public places.

You can also place separate money to where it is impossible to rob. Like the inside of your socks, or, well…brassiere if you’re a female.

this is an image of travelling alone

4, If you’re in a public place, act with confidence.

Don`t make yourself look like an easy target. Walk as if you know where you’re going even if, in reality, you don`t really have any single idea as to where you were headed.Confidence can also add to your wit as you think of ways to avoid or get away from tight situations.

5. Improvise.

You don’t have to bring weaponry with you. You can improvise your usual things into something that would really become in handy when someone attacked you. Examples are your bag, purse, or anything that you could shove against your assailant.

You can also use your own strength and superpowers like the hidden werewolf in you! You can bite your attacker and get away from him if the situation gets really tough.

6. Keep your connection with your family and trusted friends from afar.

You can call your relatives if you feel like you have nobody else near you that could help get out of the situation. These are when phones become in handy. So you have to make sure that you always bring your phone with you or have your internet connection if that’s the only resort left.

this is a picture of safety tips while travelling alone

7. Don’t trust easily.

This is the most crucial tip that we’re gonna provide you. You know, looks can be deceiving. You don’t have to trust someone based on their physical appearance and posture.

You never know who someone really is unless you get to know him/her better. So, before you trust your valuables to someone you just met a while ago, make sure that he or she is worth your trust.

Experiencing something pleasurable out of your travel is good and it’s one purpose that you want to achieve during your trip. But, safety should be our first priority.